Ode to Summer

“Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet” a simple enough expression we could all keep in mind on the daily, to be kind, go forth with confidence, and above all (pun intended 😉) to be true to yourself. I am of course, talking about a pineapple. The symbol of choice for this summer’s trend enthusiasts, a craze which I … Read More

Citizen Eco-Drive Not Working? Here’s What to Do

How many times have you looked down at your watch only to realize the time is off by several hours? The Citizen Eco-Drive has a progressive design made to eliminate the one distinct weakness of many watches on today’s market: a dead battery. The timeless, sophisticated appearance of Citizen timepieces has been paired with Eco-Drive technology to provide its wearers … Read More

How to Care for Silver Jewelry

The best way to care for silver jewelry is with a polishing cloth specially designed for silver. Gold, platinum and diamond jewelry is best cleaned with mild soapy water. Even better is to visit your local jeweler. They will check your jewelry and use an ultrasonic machine to remove dirt, lotions etc., and a properly ventilated polishing wheel to brighten … Read More

3 Top Trending Wedding Flowers

Suspended flowers, mixed with Edison bulbs or cafe lights are popping up across the country as the way to make a big statement. Photography by Fondly Forever Photography Sounds weird but we’re seeing designers add swings into the reception design for a twist on the typical wedding lounge. We’re seeing them hanging from beams and decorated with flowers. We’re also … Read More

Top 2017 Wedding Trends Unveiled by The Knot

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Knot, the leading wedding brand and marketplace, today released its annual Wedding Trends Report of the top trends for 2017. Inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, which symbolizes a reconnection with nature, one another and a larger purpose, we’re seeing a rise in décor going au naturel and couples … Read More

Think Twice Before Buying Liquidated Jewelry!

We’ve all seen the ads for the latest “Going Out of Business” sale. These liquidation sales promise the lowest prices but are you really getting the best deal? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently shared tips for how not to get blindsided by the one-sided sales pitch of a liquidation sale. Did you know that the business running a liquidation … Read More

What Makes Shelton Jewelers So Special?

For starters, we belong to the prestigious American Gem Society. Only 5% of all jewelers, designers, and appraisers have met American Gem Society standards. In addition to satisfying the exact criteria for membership, including having a titleholder on staff who is reinstated each and every year. Shelton Jewelers has shown a proven commitment to the community and the highest standards … Read More

Winners from Shelton’s Event last night!

Congratulations to all the winners from our wonderful event last night! Thanks again for coming! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Your friends at Shelton Jewelers Congratulations George Dietrich on winning this Tissot watch valued at $695.00! Congratulations Kathlene Ferris on winning the sterling silver and 18k yellow gold Sparta engraved Scott Kay cufflinks, valued at $325.00! Congratulations Eldia Lechuga … Read More

Beware of Terminology: Red Sapphire vs. Ruby; What is the Difference?

The easiest way to distinguish the two is by starting with an understanding of Sapphire. Sapphire is the fancy name for the naturally occurring translucent mineral Corundum. The varying colors of Sapphire come from imperfections in the mineral. A Ruby is formed when Corundum has an imperfection of chromium. This gives a ruby its deep red color. So, then what … Read More