There isn’t a finer jewelry store in Albuquerque to turn to when you’re looking for elegant, meticulously crafted, custom-made jewelry than Shelton Jewelers. You’re unique, and you deserve extravagant jewelry that is as rare as you are.

When you come to Shelton Jewelers, it is our objective to provide you with the ultimate custom jewelry designing experience. You will work directly with our nationally recognized, award-winning designers whose talent is unsurpassed, and have a fervor for not only crafting refined & strikingly beautiful pieces, but also for exceeding client expectations. Our pride lies within our designers’ ability to transform your vision into a piece of tangible, stunning perfection.

Because our artisans are in-house, the line of communication between you and the jeweler will be concise, ensuring that every need you have is met. This helps to expedite the process – from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you receive your one-of-a-kind jewelry, Shelton Jewelers will be with you every step of the way.