Ode to Summer

“Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet” a simple enough expression we could all keep in mind on the daily, to be kind, go forth with confidence, and above all (pun intended 😉) to be true to yourself. I am of course, talking about a pineapple. The symbol of choice for this summer’s trend enthusiasts, a craze which I could not be more happy to jump on board with.

As far back as I can remember, I have deemed pineapple rivaled by none, which is not a decision I made lightly as fruit comprises an embarrassing majority of my diet. The verdict was solidified the summer I was fortunate enough to spend an incredible, yet fleeting week in Kauai. Each day began early with a beach front show to the incoming waves, frolicking manta rays, or arriving ships to our secluded cove..almost always with a bowl of FRESH pineapple, sometimes drizzled with dark chocolate…yum! We continued our days touring hidden waterfalls, hiking through emerald hills and of course, spending plenty of time in the cool ocean, shimmering with the warm sun.

Fast forward years later, I continue to nourish my love affair with all things summer here on the mainland with hikes up the Sandias, afternoon barbecues poolside with friends and family and even washing the car with my trusty (and furry) sidekick, Rheeta. I’ve taken advantage of any excuse you can think of to soak up some rays outside, desperate to recreate my summer in Hawaii any way I can.. That is, until we meet again.

Thus I felt compelled to create a tangible expression of my devotion in the form of none other than jewelry! As the season winds down, I will have a brilliant token of the deep seated adoration I have for the smell of fireworks and barbecues, the feel of my shoulders being sun-kissed to a golden brown, and the crisp taste of raw fruits and veggies that I can reminisce on in anticipation of next Summer. Until then, I will settle for a new necklace 😉

Stay tuned to see the final piece in its completed glory on Facebook, @sheltonjewelersabq on Instagram, or come see it in person at Shelton Jewelers on Montgomery and Louisiana and let’s create your own Ode to Summer. See you soon!