Think Twice Before Buying Liquidated Jewelry!

We’ve all seen the ads for the latest “Going Out of Business” sale. These liquidation sales promise the lowest prices but are you really getting the best deal? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently shared tips for how not to get blindsided by the one-sided sales pitch of a liquidation sale.

Did you know that the business running a liquidation sale often hires a third party to run the sale? This liquidator, in most cases, will mix questionable merchandise in with the retailers items. Therefore, you may not be purchasing the quality product you think you’re buying. You can also count customer service out. Liquidations will seldom offer any return or exchange policies. Not to mention, after-sale customer service is usually non-existent.

According to BBB, people are exposed to thousands of advertisements from liquidators every day.  Before making your liquidation purchase, follow these tips!

  • Start with Trust® Check with us at before doing business.
  • Shop around and compare prices. Just because a business is advertising that it is closing does not mean they are offering the lowest prices on merchandise.
  • Use a credit card. Credit cards include built-in consumer protections if the company does not deliver on promised goods and BBB recommends making purchases with a credit card instead of checks or cash.
  • Don’t count on customer service. Customer service is not a liquidator’s priority and consumers expecting the same level of customer service might be very disappointed. Since the company won’t be around in the future, consumers need to understand that all sales are final and that they don’t have many options if they aren’t satisfied with the purchase.
  • Know the status on warranties. Warranties are often maintained by a manufacturer or a third-party, which means that the warranty will still apply if the retailer goes out of business. However, the consumer should always confirm the status of the warranty before buying.
  • Use those gift cards ASAP. Businesses that have entered into the liquidation process will not be around for very long and BBB advises that any consumers who are holding gift cards spend them as soon as possible or risk getting stuck with a worthless piece of plastic.

Avoid the hassle of everything liquidated. This Holiday season, we invite you to experience honest pricing and customer service at Shelton Jewelers. Our jewelry prices are based on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, titles given by industry received AGS. All representation of our jewelry is with full disclosure before purchase to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re buying, no surprises.

Source: BBB Offers Tips on “Going out of Business” Sales