Letter from the President

eric_bus_ad-copy-editedWelcome to our website. Please take some time and look around. There’s a lot of information here, so you may want to add us to your list of favorites so you can find us again. It is my hope that you’ll find our site informative and valuable. Many jewelers claim that an educated customer is their best customer, but as I sampled other websites, I found that very few actually did anything about it.

Our site is organized to show you an array of the fine jewelry and designer lines we carry, but is by no means comprehensive as we do not sell over the internet. In addition, we’ve made a real commitment to customer education that I hope you’ll find enlightening.

I founded Shelton Jewelers in Albuquerque in 1984. As the store has grown, it has been my goal to emphasize ethics, education and customer service. These tenets are the driving forces that I believe show through in all that we do.
I value the reputation we’ve established. Integrity and trust go hand in hand. We strive to ensure the quality of our jewelry is always represented correctly, that all repairs and custom work meet the highest standards in the industry, and that all appraisals are done professionally, without bias.

In our business, in order to be ethical we have to be educated. That is why we employ one Master Gemologist Appraiser ASA myself, four Certified Gemologist Appraisers ASA Graduate Gemologists GIA. We invest in continuing education for our staff because I believe expertise is essential to customer service. Not to mention we are title holders of the elite American Gem Society, we are tested and reaccredited annually. We have the equipment on site to help you understand all of the factors that determine a gems value. Most importantly we are commettied to promoting the higest ethical standards in order to give you confidence and satisfaction.

While knowledge and honesty are fundamental, what I hope you’ll notice when you visit us is our exceptional service and guidence. We’ll be glad to show you our elegant jewelry in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. We’ll take the time to answer your questions, to share our knowledge and our love of fine jewelry. I believe our people are a genuine resource that can help you find that perfect piece for yourself, as a gift, or in celebration of life’s special occasions.

As the owner, I take considerable pride in our unique approach to the jewelry business. It is my personal promise that your experience as a Shelton customer will be satisfying and rewarding.

Eric Shelton,
President, Shelton Jewelers

Mr. Shelton’s Pricing Strategy

dad_photo_professional-editedYou won’t find more honest pricing than at Shelton Jewelers. Unlike other retail jewelry stores, we don’t inflate our prices so we can advertise them later as savings. In fact, because we have full ownership of our building and do not pay rent, we can offer our customers superior-quality jewelry at lower prices. Whereas other jewelers have to pay a hefty rent to maintain a premium location, our loyal customers continue to come to us because they know it’s only at Shelton that they will find the best prices and service.

Our jewelry prices are based on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, titles given by industry received AGS. All representation of our jewelry is with full disclosure before purchase to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re buying, no surprises. We also offer a full refund (excluding custom-made jewelry) within 20 days of purchase if you’re not fully satisfied.

When you trade-up diamonds at Shelton, you get full price when the diamond was previously purchased at our location. We don’t enforce rules like other jewelers that require you to have a 20% trade-in value. The price you paid for your diamond never loses its value. At Shelton Jewelers, we pride ourselves on being straightforward and will always do the most to give our customers the best.

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