Citizen Eco-Drive Not Working? Here’s What to Do

How many times have you looked down at your watch only to realize the time is off by several hours? The Citizen Eco-Drive has a progressive design made to eliminate the one distinct weakness of many watches on today’s market: a dead battery. The timeless, sophisticated appearance of Citizen timepieces has been paired with Eco-Drive technology to provide its wearers with the assurance that they will never need to visit a watch repair service again to change out a dead battery.

Eco-Drive technology is made to keep Citizen watches running continuously, but there is one hitch: it must be charged. Much like a cell phone or a laptop, these watches must be charged in order to keep working. This is fairly easy to do since Eco-Drive technology allows both natural and incandescent light to charge the timepiece. However, sometimes less light exposure, such as excessively cloudy days or simply keeping your watch in a drawer can cause the watch to stop keeping time.

The best solution is to provide your watch with constant, adequate light. Depending on your model, these tips should have your watch keeping perfect time, all the time:

Natural Light: Keep the watch exposed for up to 3 days in bright sunlight, but ensure that it is not kept an area where the temperatures may exceed 140℉.

Incandescent Light: Keep the watch no closer than 20” from a light source, such as a regular tableside lamp or Halogen lamp, for up to 210 hours.

If you have more questions about charging your Citizen Eco-Drive watch or would like to purchase your own, we welcome you to visit Shelton Jewelers today!